Guided Discovery Drives Tour in the heart of Maures hills in the Var region:

"Suzuki Vitara 4x4 drives, cultural visits and nature hike walk"

Who are we?

Our wish

  • To welcome you as friends

  • To offer you a friendly and emotional experience


  • To make you feel a personal and different experience

  • To be ambassadors of local heritage


  • Definition of « boucaniers/buccaneers » :

« name given to some adventurers, remarkable huntsmen. »

As those pirates who land on the beaches and went to discover the lands hidden behind the seaside for hunting,

« the buccaneer of today is an adventurer, hunter of pictures and emotion, whose quest of knowledges has no border and doesn’t stop neither to a territory nor to a site…

He is hunting authenticity, traditions and human relationship.

He is from the Sea and from the Land… »


  • Your guides:

    • Have the passion for sharing and for good move

    • Attach great importance to Nature respect,  to authenticity and traditions

    • Are qualified in turism and group supervisory

Our commitment

  • To guarantee you a welcome quality, making the choice of an intimist drive reducing the number of participants

  • An environmental and ecologic approach by reducing the number of cars in our drive  tour

  • By being a bridge between you and local economic actors

  • Safety, by respecting driving regulation in natural site and by undertaking the local environmental policy

  • An eco-responsible activity: the choice of a off-road 4x4 is not a final way, but a privileged way of discovery, adapted to the climate of the south and to the relief of the hills. It’s a driving hyphen between the stops over.

  • With us, no speed, no « hard off road », we prefer favour the turism, the culture and the nature discovery.  

  • Our drive tour are to people for whom, cabriolet 4x4 suv  is synonimous with liberty, landscapes, friendly approach, visual and olfactory sensations.

We are here for those who prefer take their timeand who favour the discovery first and foremost.

Note that our off road 4x4 drives are made all the year except from mid-june to mid-september, for drives on "track of land" due to the closering of the DFCI roads (Defense Against Forest Fire).