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The Massif des Maures, off the beaten track


On board of a off road 4×4 cabriolet, come to discover at few steps from the wonderful beaches of Le Lavandou, authentic villages stepped in history and sun, rich in heritage and traditions.


On the « vins Rosé de Provence » route, the vineyards of Bormes-les-Mimosas and of La Londe-les-Maures, agricultural lands sea-bounded, where vineyards will welcome you and will share with you their know-how and their passion, through guided tour and moderate tasting.


Further inland, an other trade name, those from Pierrefeu’s vineyards, perched village proud of its traditions, located on the way to Collobrières, emblematic village of the Maures chesnuts trees, where the preserved nature offers you beautiful surprises : treasures and Green Provence wealth, reclusive hills with authentic perfumes.

Craftsmen of this soil, will share with you, just for a moment, the love of their work  (cheese makers, sheep herders or chesnut grower) who, like bearers, has choosen to carry on these works of agricultural and local tradition.

All along our Discovery drives, Culture & Nature », our guides will share with you their knowledge of the region and of its traditions.


From vineyards to chesnut trees, from cork oak collection to Provence mixed herbs picking, by relating the story of these provençal villages, we will embark you on user-friendly drive, where our wish will be to make you live a personal and different experience in a good move.

A visual, olfactive and gustative experience that offers you this Land of Sun, through a local products tasting. 


So drives that will make you discover the treasures of the Massif des Maures and its unrestricted views on Porquerolles, Port-Cros and Le Levant islands.

Let yourself be won over…superb panoramic pictures and nice souvenirs are waiting for you…


This is why, if you feel having the soul of a « bucaneer », if you like discover what is hidden behind the appearances, and if you like user-friendly outgoings, so let’s go for a nice adventure!

We will pick you up for a back to the sources, for intimist and authentic drives, in the heart of this terroir. »

Booking: There is no dedicated day by drive type, we organize our drives according to bookings, please contact us.

Drive Model


(for 1 day drive)

  • 9h00: Welcome by your BOUCANIERS guide at the meeting point, drive programme briefing

  • Let’s go for a nice Culture & Nature escape!


  • Lunch break: in a cool site choosen for lunch, we will taste the local products from the picnic basket.

  • Let’s continue our drive excursion!


  • Snacks break: sweet flavours and/or fruits with refreshments


  • Back way*: around 16h30/17h (for 1 day excursion)

  • «Friendly drink» to round off this nice day spent together.

*Return time schedule is given as indicative information, it can be subjected to perturbations linked with summer  traffic jam

One Village, one Vineyard (1/2 day)

Visit of a village by the discovery of its cultural and historic heritage and visit to a vineyard nearby with tasting on place.

The Wine Boucaniers Tour (1/2 day)

Discovery of 3 vineyards...

The Lookouts Road (1/2 day)

Drive all along the crests for wonderful panoramic photos...

To the meeting of La Chartreuse de la Verne and its chesnuts trees (1 day)

Visit  of this local emblematic religious and architectural heritage and discovery of the chesnuts trees of Collobrières village, capital of the chesnut from the Massif des Maures...

The 3 villages road (1 day)

1 village, 1 identity ; discovery of  3 different villages through its history, its heritage, its traditions and its activities...

Objective Nature (1/2 day)

The Nature, source of well-being and herbal remedies, diversity of Mediterranean landscapes, its fauna and flora, on seaside and inland...

4X4 Safari (1/2 day or 1 day)

Discovery of the Massif des Maures hills, by trail drives...

During all the year except from 15/06 to 30/09 due to the closure of Massif des Maures trails access

On the Mimosa Road (1/2 day)

Fragrant ride balade, around this sunny emblem of the French Riviera mild climate...

Only from January to March

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